Four recipes for creating authentic self-confidence

Whatever caused a loss of self-confidence in your life … divorce, sickness, loss of a job … it’s also a test of how you’ll handle it.

When my wife announced a surprise divorce after 20 years, I thought I’d die. But worse than losing her, I lost self-confidence. It affected … everything ... Plans. Goals. Career. Finances.

After extensive reading in the work of the famous psychologists Albert Ellis, Martin Seligman, and Anthony de Mello, I created these 4 techniques for my own use. No set of techniques works for everyone. But these techniques come out of the best psychology of the past 70 years.

What people are saying:

“Ultimate Resilience is saving my life! … I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t found it last Monday.”
—Alan, Wyoming

“I haven’t had a sleepless night or an ‘acute’ attack of the heartbreak since listening three days ago. I can’t thank you enough!”
—Ariana, NYC

“David, thank you so much for the podcast and the information! It finally has me moving forward.”
—Matt, Los Angeles

Here's why you can do this

You don't risk time — the audio files aren’t long.

You don't risk money. The First Module is entirely FREE. It stands alone and works without the other 3 recipes.

And I never want money to be the reason you don’t have access to all 4 recipes. If you can’t afford the program, email me to ask for free access. I grant 100% of these requests.