It's knowing how a mystery writing career works.

Writing is only a part, I'm told by insiders -- those who've done it recently. Knowing how a writing career works is equally important.

Boiled down, it's this:

  1. Write pretty well.
  2. Join writing associations and groups.
  3. Learn from peers and teachers to write better.
  4. Be a pro-level friend, make pro-level friends.
  5. Publish in magazines. (This is my 10-month goal.)
  6. Win some awards.
  7. Find an agent.
  8. Agent gets your novel sold.

Can I do this? Could you?

Of course. People do it all the time. People also fail all the time. To focus, produce, and reach the goal, I'll use what we've all learned from the psychologists Albert Ellis, Martin Seligman, and Anthony de Mello.

Join me if it's your thing too.

Join me if you want to publish mysteries. If it's a game you like to play, too.

Or if you just want to say 'What happened, Raymond Chandler?' if I fail.

Fail happens all the time, too. Will it happen to me? Your chances of watching hubris fail aren't nil.

We all enjoy seeing hubris trip and fall. (Or succeed, depending on our moods.) So don't be all holy. Place a mental bet and join the fun. Will this guy, what's his name, be able publish a mystery or not?)

Wasn't he a divorce recovery coach or something?

Is David Wimberley not another one of those guys who help people to recover? People who've been cheated on, abandoned, divorced, and gaslightingly blamed for it all?

I was, and am. The first 20 episodes of The Ultimate Resilience podcast are still there. (You can find the podcast in the nav menu at the top. Or by searching google for 'The Ultimate Resilience Podcast'.)

And my email inbox, Facebook messaging too, remain open. And active.

But especially for recently cheated on and abandoned humanity, I remind: that's not the thing in your life. It's just the thing that set you free. The first 20 episodes teach that in some detail. You're not abandoned, etc. You're free. Free from illusions about that perons. Illusions about all people. It's all in the podcast. All based on the work of three eminent psychologists. And the stuff works.

Free to play the game of goals.

Which all means you're free to enjoy your life, as I've pointed out over the years.

For me? Free to sail. Hike. Find loves. Find a great love. All done!

Now to write mysteries.

What about your new games?

What games do you want to play? What goals do you want to play for?