There's just one reason
you're not following through ...

You know  what steps lead to your goal.

And you could  take those steps.

So why aren't you following through?
Only because you don't yet know the skill of choosing your emotions in real time.

Emotions you can choose at any moment, once you learn the skill:
✅ Emotions for following through daily
✅ Emotions to use the expensive courses you've purchased
✅ Emotions of power and passion
✅ Self-confidence
✅ Self-assurance
✅ Creativity
✅ Fearlessness of "failure"
✅ Openness to new knowledge
Emotions you can rapidly drop, once you learn the skill
❌ Self-doubt
❌ Imposter syndrome
❌ Laziness
❌ Fear
❌ Overwhelm
❌ Procrastination
❌ Anxiety
❌ Disappointment
❌ Frustration
You can choose effective emotions.
You can drop ineffective emotions.
It's easy, once you learn the skill.

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