How to Get Over a Breakup?

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5-minute Guide to Instant Pain Relief.


If you’re like most people landing here, you're finding it hard to get over a breakup.

Maybe it's even worse than that. Maybe, like me after my 17-year marriage imploded, you feel shattered, dazed, and utterly unsure of what your next step should be.

Worse, you may not know of even one set system for dealing with a breakup or divorce.

Whatever the case, you're in pain. And you may fear you'll never really get over it.

Getting stuck definitely can happen when you don't know a way out. We've all known people who just never really recover from a breakup or divorce, who never really get past it to live full and vibrant lives again.


I'm not a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. And that's exactly why I can offer a road map out of the devastation. Therapists rarely offer a map out of the wilderness. Their way, generally, is to let you figure it out on your own, with their support.

I respect that.

And I also respect the need for a road map for getting over a breakup, from a guide who has been where you are now and knows a way out.

I focus on a lay system -- drawn from the work of pychotherapists and psychologists such as Anthony de Mello, Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck, and others. This system doesn't just trim the weeds, but uproots the entire underground structure of your heartache after a breakup.

If you or your loved ones think you may need therapy, medical care, or psychiatric care, then seek it out. Get evaluated. Stick with it.

But if you could use an immediate, effective, step-by-step road map for dealing with a breakup or divorce, from a guide who has done it, start now.

No one system works for every single person in existence, but this system worked for me, and I believe it can absolutely work for almost anyone.

How powerfully will it work for you? Only you can find out. And it's easy to try. It 's easy to experience   what it feels like and how powerfully it works for you.

You can start right now at the beginning, with pain relief -- using this 5-Minute Guide to Instant Relief from Breakup Pain.


A podcasted human voice connects better than words on a page. That's why I created the podcast Ultimate Resilience, posted every Thursday, with occasional extras between Thursdays.

In it I connect with you on how to absolutely get over your breakup or divorce -- in days or weeks, not months or years.

You can move on quickly and legitimately from your breakup or divorce, to discover a resilience -- already in you -- far beyond what's needed to get over a breakup or divorce.

You’ll experience that for yourself, as you begin listening. Start now with Episode #1: How to Get Over a Breakup or Divorce Fast — A Step-by-Step Guide to Instant Pain Relief.