Your feelings aren't valid.

Here's why that's good news:

Stop Seeking Validation for These Feelings:

Do you really want validation for your feelings of self-doubt?

Feelings of Anxiety?






Don’t validate any of that garbage.

Because those feelings are against you.

Those feelings are bringing you down.

Those feelings are holding you back.

Think about it: Self-doubt invalidates YOU.

Fear invalidates YOU.

Emotions of procrastination invalidate YOU.

But YOU are valid.

You’re valid because ... you exist.

You live.

You strive.

You have dreams.

You have goals.

So, YOU are valid.

And it’s only logical:

Those feelings which invalidate you?

They're NOT valid.

"But don't we need our feelings validated by someone before we can overcome them?"

Of course not. "Validating" them only keeps them around longer.

Here's what you need:

You need to know how to create empowering emotions.


It's simple, once you know how.

And with a little practice, just like driving a car or riding a bike, it becomes easy.

I'll explain:

What's Your Dream?

What’s your goal?

What is it that you really want to accomplish?

On which you’re not making the progress you want to make?

Name one such goal right now.

Now, two questions about that goal.

Question 1: Don’t you already know, basically, what steps to take to reach that goal? Or, don’t you already know the next step to take, to reach that goal?)

Question 2: Don’t you already have the physical ability to take those steps?

My guess is you answered “Yes” to both questions.

What prevents you from taking those actions consistently?


If you know what to do, and have the ability to do it, then there’s only one thing holding you back:

Your feelings. Your emotions.



All the rest.

We've already seen that they’re invalid. These feelings are invalid.

Which is such good news, because that means you can choose different emotions.

Valid emotions.

Emotions that validate YOU and empower YOU to reach your goals, your dreams.

Emotions such as:







These emotions enable you -- or anyone -- to take the right actions.

The right actions bring you -- or anyone -- to the goal.

Get This Skill, and You’ll Reach Your Goal.

The skill of creating the right emotions.

You can choose your emotions.

For over 60 years, the teachings of the greatest psychotherapist of the 20th Century, Albert Ellis, have informed research that proves it:

Thoughts create emotions.

You can choose your thoughts, with the right coaching, or self-coaching.

So you can choose your emotions.

I will teach you how to choose your emotions.

Step by step.

I make mind-recipes for specific empowering emotions.

Sounds crazy, I've been told.

Choosing your own thoughts is not crazy.

It's the most sane skill you can learn.

I'll tell you what's crazy.

Crazy is living with fear.

Crazy is living with self-doubt. And sadness. And procrastination. And all the rest.

You don't have to live with emotions that disempower you.

Crazy is seeking validation for emotions which invalidate YOU.

The mind recipes I teach create specific empowering emotions:






Refusal to be defeated.

And they are personalized to YOU.

And to your unique personality.

You use your mind and body to create the emotions YOU need for moving toward any goal.

Here’s How and Why You Can Have What You Desire.

Maybe you have a goal of a fully connected relationship. True love.

Or maybe you also have a goal of financial security.

Or maybe for you another goal is self-confidence in any situation.

Maybe you want to run a marathon.

Or maybe you want to become fluent in Japanese.

Maybe you want to travel to your dream destination.

Maybe you want peace of mind. Oneness with existence.

Look, I have no idea what it is for you.

So, I’ll stop offering examples.

You get the point.

You know what you want.

Whatever it is for you ... THAT is within your reach.

The recipes are built based on the revolutionary research of the great Albert Ellis, and the army of research psychologists who followed after him, proving him right in study after study:

His fundamental teaching: Thought creates emotions.

Emotions don't come from dark forces deep in your psyche that you have no access to.

Emotions are created by thoughts.

Consistent, productive, empowering emotions are within your reach:

1. You know  what step-by-step actions to take toward your goal.

2. You have the ability  to take those actions.

3. Now that you’ve found this website, you can create emotions that cause you to follow through consistently.
You can choose effective emotions.
You can drop ineffective emotions.
It's easy, once you learn the skill.

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