WHY Do You Want to Recover from a Breakup or Divorce

How quickly you recover from a breakup or divorce depends on clearly and thoroughly answering one question.

You probably already have heard that answering the question, “WHY do I want to recover?” supplies the necessary power for your recovery, power without which you won’t take effective action.

Having heard this truism won’t provide the first millivolt of power for your recovery.

Information is not going to help you.

You’ve heard all you need to know, and reams more, in your googling. Makes no difference.

Only action helps.

And the directions in the heading below spell out the fundamental actions.

Take the first step now. I know your pain, or something like it; I’ve been there.

And I know taking the first step propels you to the next. You’ve already taken the first step by reading this far, so now I know you can now step right on into the official list:

The Necessary Exercise. It takes exactly 15 minutes.

  1. Open a text file or get out a notebook and pen.
  2. Set a timer on your phone of 90 seconds and start it.
  3. Pepper the paper or the screen with rapid fire answers, as fast as they occur, to the questions (see below).
  4. If the timer sounds its alarm before you’ve exhausted your harvest of reasons, keep writing.
  5. When the rapid brainstorming session is finished, go back to the copy. Look at each item in the list.
  6. Vividly imagine your immediate future with each shining, tempting advantage to recovery drawing you on.
  7. And vividly imagine the other possible immediate future: each depressing tragedy, each tedious disadvantage.
  8. Make a new, clean list, including only the positive reasons, the hopes, and not the fears.
  9. On your phone, set a reminder for twice a day to meditate on the clean notes of the positive reasons. Vividly see these reasons on the projector screen of your imagination.

 Question Prompts to Use

  1. Why do I want to recover from this breakup or divorce?
  2. What benefits will I get from a recovery?
  3. What good will I be able to do?
  4. What goals could I reach?
  5. What benefits will accrue to other people I cherish?
  6. What tragedies will I avoid? For me? For others?
  7. What will my recovery prove?
  8. Where do you feel the motivation, when you do vividly imagine your reasons why?

After the Brain Storm:

Meditate daily on these, and vividly imagine your reasons.

Use your phone to remind you, so you don’t forget.

You’ll feel your reasons crystallize into resolve. You’re then ready immediately to take the next step. It concerns directly acting upon your body with powerful, cost-free treatments, personalized to have massive cumulative effects on you.

Daily keep your reasons in front of you, not as a dead list but as live and and vivid imagination of your future.

Information won’t help you. You’ve seen this information before.

The dead list on your phone won’t help you.

The power to change and to recover is well-known to require the consistent use of meditation on reasons for change. You now have the reasons in hard copy, so to speak. For energy to recover, you have only to meditate on them daily, and vividly. To mediate daily, you have to remember. To remember, you have only to set your phone reminder.

You’ve set your phone reminder, right?